Imgur and, reddit, where it garnered more than 850,000 views and 3,587 votes (87 upvoted) respectively, as well.
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Spread, on the next day, Tumblr liste over registrerede sexforbrydere midtjylland user Toronjas shared the image macro with a note citing.Meme, status, submission, year 2014, origin, facebook, tags jesus, christianity, facebook, sex, abstinence, isn't there somebody you forgot to ask, the myth of consensual sex, what would jesus.Jesus with the caption asking the viewer "isn't there somebody you forgot to ask?" Due to the humorous juxtaposition of Jesus objecting to a couple's mutually consensual relationship, the image has spawned a series of photoshopped parodies depicting other social situations in which Jesus stands.Related Discussion, kYM Forum Thread, the Myth of "Consensual" Sex is a, lOL Jesus -style image macro based on a stock photograph gamle ideer dato of a couple lying on a bed together alongside a photoshopped cutout.Peebee 17:30 62 (1046) sex.This submission is currently being researched evaluated!In addition, one of the Tumblr users who reblogged Toronjas' post eventually provided a link to a Facebook page titled Christians for."Yeah sex is cool but have you ever had someone reply to your sarcasm with better sarcasm one person tweeted.Michele Bachmann, which is believed to be its origin as the name of the Facebook page corresponds with the watermark embedded in the image macro.In 2015, the image continued to spread and gain traction on Tumblr and Twitter, soon giving rise to a handful of photoshopped derivatives.FunnyJunk, where the image garnered more than 1,170 upvotes and nearly 40,000 views.We want to hear from you.And still another Twitter user chimed in with a meme that moms everywhere would approve of: "Yeah sex is cool but have you tried washing your dishes right after you use them so they never pile up in the sink?" they wrote.The meme format resurfaced in November of this year, and has since been tweeted thousands of times by Twitter users who claim that practically anything that's even the least bit satisfying especially in the context of the dark and trying times of 2017 is cooler.Stumble, pin It, share, tweet.Login, memebase Channels, cheezburger Channels, share a not so subtle meme with your significant other.By, broller 23:30 84 (1393 by, ghost141 14:30 47 (1019.In June 2016, the image macro was featured in compilations of Christian-themed memes published by Dust Off The Bible and The Daily Dot.The newest wholesome meme to make the rounds on Twitter has people listing things from the mundane to the politically motivated to the surprisingly deep that they think are "cooler" than having sex.
Although Toronjas' post has been since deleted from the original blog, the image went on to garner more than 293,000 notes in approximately two years.

That same day, the image macro made its way to other major image-sharing platforms, such.
Others were more satisfied with human connections in much less hot 'n' heavy situations.