dating site for twentysomethings

A lot of people think stoners are stupid, lazy hippies and stuff like that; we get all these stereotypes, but these are the same people going and getting shitfaced all the time and then banging some random person at a club and it's dirty and.
Oh god, it was a mix of things.
I wouldn't wanna try it, but maybe if she smoked once in a blue moon with me that'd be cool laughs.
We'd have to try it out.I have to get money to put this shit.I'm so passionate about this site now that I can't stop working.Anna, 26 years old (Russia, Moscow).When he arrived, it was like a dream.I'd been messing around with Wordpress for years and then one day I was sitting sexcontact ældre kvinder there, I had no food, I was broke as hell, no college education.Have you tried dating on your site?It just fueled my fire.People didn't believe it; they thought it was a fucking stupid idea.Most Popular, once you had the idea for the site, did you run it past your friends first?Moxon, 28, created the site described as "an alternative dating site for people who enjoy marijuana aka 420-friendly dating" because he saw a demand for.That trips me out.I will never forget our first meeting.
This guy who's been a super-huge fan of my site, his name is Larry, he's an old Vietnam vet and he met someone on the site and they're dating and they fuckin' really like each other.
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